Thursday, July 05, 2012

Judicial Restraint

I want to point out a very obvious case of the judiciary exercising its power unjustly. George Zimmerman is the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in FL earlier this year. He was initially charged with manslaughter only after a huge outcry from the public, and weeks after the shooting. He was booked and then bailed out. However, when the judge learned Zimmerman and his wife had neglected to report the money they had collected from donations on the internet, his bail was revoked and he went back to jail.

Now, the judge has set bail, of one million dollars. For a million smackeroos, George can walk (for the time being). Somehow, George's relatives have to post a bond for a mil, but worse, George has to get a bail bondsman who will take the relatives' bond, but who also gets paid 10% of the bail, in cash, and non-returnable even if the malefactor shows up for court. The judicial system gets to "tax" Mr. Zimmerman, based on financial information he is legally bound to provide, as he learned so clearly, when lying meant his bail was revoked.

I don't particularly like Mr. Zimmerman, and I think he's absolutely wrong to have shot Mr. Martin. I do, however, feel it's important to point out, he's being robbed by the judge and the court system. And here is the reason I wrote this post, to point out this possibly obscure fact. The judiciary is doing this every day, in every level of the courts system. The prosecuted, the convicted, even the suspects and the accused-- everyone who comes into contact with the courts is robbed. Most people who come into contact with this rapacious and larcenous judiciary are poor to begin with. And certainly will end up poor.

This is unjust.