Sunday, February 12, 2012

More anonymous mayhem

Anonymous, in a week devoted to hassling the FBI, found a way to harass the US military as well. They hacked into the network of the lawyers who defended the Sgt. Frank Wuterich. He's the Marine accused of leading the raid in Haditha that killed 24 Iraqi civilians in their homes, including women and children, back in 2005. He recently received a serious slap on the wrist, followed by a time out, from a military courts martial [Ed: I believe that's the correct way to express the name of the court]. He was subjected to a cut in pay and rank, but no jail time. They had already given the rest of the members of the sergeant's squad immunity for testifying against him. This relatively light sentence offends anonymous (with some justification), so they hacked into, stole, and published several gigabytes of email files from the law firms servers-- after defacing their home page [Ed: I think this is an easy target-- the anons are picking the low fruit]. I'm not sure this punishment is anymore appropriate to the crime than that of Sgt. Wuterich. But make no mistake, there's some sloppy justice being laid down here on both sides.

War is madness. The US military court which basically looked the other way when judging one of their own knows this. They can't really say it, but the soldiers were not responsible for their actions when those actions were carried out, and no military court will convict. They can talk about rules of engagement, target verification, smart weapons, and other such things. At some level the system breaks down. War is madness, and those who participate and survive know this fact. Everyone else is dead.

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