Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Avastin Still In the News

There was a big headline on Google News, referencing a MedPage Today story, about how the FDA has warned of fake Avastin in the market.

The agency notified 19 U.S. medical practices that purchased unapproved cancer drugs, including the faux bevacizumab, to stop buying through Quality Specialty Products, a foreign distributor that may also be known as Montana Health Care Solutions, the FDA said in a statement.

As you know, I've written about Avastin several times on this blog, and I hold severe mistrust for the maker (Genentech in the US, Roche internationally). This sounds the slightest bit like extortion at worst, and coercion at best. The "counterfeits" are labelled Roche and the expiration dates are in a different format than the Genentech versions. Nowhere do they say it's not the "real" Avastin (or even that it's different), just that it wasn't sold through the correct channel. This may be a case of the drug being miraculously re-priced after being shipped to another country and then back.

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