Monday, January 30, 2012

Mexican General hoodwinking US officials

There's a funny-smelling story in USA Today about how the drought in Mexico is affecting the illicit marijuana crop. A recent flyover by military surveillance showed less acreage and fewer plantations dedicated to crops of marijuana or opium poppies.

This was not the only story, apparently, as there followed a separate interview with a general.

An army spokesman, Gen. Ricardo Trevilla, stressed that didn't mean a drop-off in the overall production of drug cartels.

Trevilla, who was interviewed separately, said cartels have been increasingly turning to the production of synthetic drugs like methamphetamine, because they are easier to produce and are more profitable. He said synthetic drugs can be made faster, need less storage space and are harder to detect.

Mexican authorities have been seizing increasing amounts of chemicals used in the manufacture of methamphetamine as well as finding increasingly large and sophisticated meth labs. Authorities seized 675 tons of a key precursor chemical in December alone, an amount that experts say was enough to produce an enormous amount of drugs.

So there you have it. When the marijuana crop drops off, the peasant farmers switch over to producing methamphetamine, because what else would farmers do? Errr...  I mean else what would the evil drug dealers have to sell? Errr...

It doesn't seem logical that peasant farmers would change over to meth factories-- there's nothing about raising pot that would help with manufacturing meth! Not skills, not terrain, not climate, not customers. On the other hand, I do believe General Trevilla knows for certain the funding source for his courageous fight against either the production of meth or pot is the same. He's just making a plug for his DEA grant.


  1. Mexico has been playing games with us for ages. Half the government is on the cartel's payroll!

  2. The other half is on our (US) payroll.

    And in regard to your nickname, I hope we do not attack Iran. It is a very bad idea, for everyone. War is madness.