Monday, January 25, 2010

This Just In!

Dumb comment, dumb journalism. In an article in the New York Times on drug smuggling through Indian Reservations on the Mexican border, a federal official proposes a breathtakingly stupid explanation for the growth of the trade.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

OK, It's Official. We Are Completely Screwed

I have decided it's caused by some strange eventuality which our Panspermia Parents just didn't anticipate. I think it's perhaps caused by our society's penchant to stare at (and interact with) bright, blinky pieces of glass-- TV, computer screen, cellphone, mp3 player. Maybe it's caused by high fructose corn syrup in our diets, or by the fact that no one has to learn anything about the actual world we live in anymore-- no one learns geography, no one learns where food actually comes from, no one learns other cultures or even who their neighbors are. Maybe it's caused by the fact so little information comes to us that hasn't been filtered through the medium of corporate thought-cleanse.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rupert Murdoch Ghettoizes Clowns, Cranks and Cinderella Commentators Under the One Big Fox News Umbrella

According to news reports, Rupert Mordoch has consolidated his stable of crying clowns, cantankerous cranks, recovering addicts, and now-- the ruby in the crown-- the Cinderella from Wasilla, under the madly blinking Fox News marquee. Apparently Fox has hired the previously unemployed Sarah Palin to serve as commentator and "contributor."

Sunday, January 10, 2010

GOP Demand Least Likely to be Heeded

This weekend there has been some clamor in the news about the nasty, despicable, and overtly racist remark that was tossed off a couple of years ago by Harry Reid, a democrat who is now the majority leader in the Senate, regarding then presidential candidate Barack Obama. Mr. Reid is, like most of the fat-cat, powerful, connected, and overwhelmingly white power elite in Washington, DC hopelessly classist and racist. The US is at least another generation away from eradicating racism from its mainstream (something I still believe is possible and hope for), and possibly longer from the elite, where it's accumulated like an invisible arterial plaque for centuries. It's a lot to ask of our US Senators to embrace our society's actual values when they're allowed so much leeway on other ethical, moral, and human values.