Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too much time on my hands

I found this brilliant video on the Onion News Network, and it's so apropos of the Florida primary which just happened yesterday. See what you think:

Click here:

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

Vermont finally figures out how to get rid of awful tourists!

You heard it here first folks. I don't believe it was the specific intent of the town "selectboard" (hmmmm... there's a Brattleboroism if there ever was one), but by moving ahead with their plan to charge Bush and Cheney with war crimes, and the subsequent revelation of that fact on the Drudge Report, all carefully documented here, all of the fallout appears to come from those sputtering, exasperated Republican fat cats from red states who are finally and vocally refusing to come to Vermont. The sweet smell of victory is in the air, and perhaps it will be possible to even get a dinner reservation at the Newfane Inn this summer. And maybe they'll leave their uber-tank-assault vehicles at home as well. There could be a parking space at Queechee Gorge.

Quoting from the Barre/Montpelier Times Argus:
More than one e-mailer proposed that Brattleboro, not Bush and Cheney, be tried for treason, and that the state secede (or be kicked out) of the country.

And many promised they would never step foot on Vermont soil again, canceling vacations or deciding not to buy Vermont maple syrup, Vermont cheddar cheese or Vermont ice cream ever again.

And the epithets: jackasses, moonbeams, looney tunes, stupid and "moonbats."

"I'll make note not to visit Vermont … too many moonbats!" wrote Bob Bogart of Chattanooga, Tenn.

Congratulatons, Brattleboro selectboard! And good luck prosecuting the war criminals. I believe just outing them is going to be useful. Now if only someone could get them indicted for their equally egregious war on the rights of American citizens. A year in federal prison for each year of their administration is not overkill, I believe. Heck, the taxpayers are going to have to support them one way or another-- let's let them know how well we think they did. And toss Scooter in there with them, too.

That is all...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Say it ain't so, please?

I always wondered what the truly rich spent their money on. What would I buy if I had ten times the income I have now? What if I had 100 times the income? I actually have no idea right now, since it's not a likely scenario, and so I don't spend much time thinking about it.

This morning's New York Times has what is perhaps an answer to that crucial question. In Brooklyn, a Psychic for the Famous, or Rather, for Their Pets. Yes, gentle reader, there are people who are so rich they spend their money on pet psychics. This is an expression of care and love and therefore should probably not be criticized. Among the "working-well-off" with whom I usually associate, I've heard a person's veterinary bills sometimes invoked to measure their love for a pet. This is a new one on me, though.

The psychic in question also appears poised to expand her services to the children of the idiotically rich as well. She intuits that Spot wants a treat before he goes out for a ride in the Land Rover, so she'll probably know exactly what baby Jessica is thinking behind her messy, drool covered, but oh-so-enigmatic face. I believe this woman is probably deeply psychic, has deep insights and uncanny intuition. She can channel her subjects over the phone! This gift, of deeply connecting, should be used to help. But I don't believe she's connecting with the pets. She's connecting with the pet owners. She knows what Muffy wants to hear about her Shitzu-- or about her son. She knows how to make her clients feel as if they love their child or pet beyond all rationality-- by taking their money from them. Bless them. They all deserve each other.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I have been clicking around this blog and realize one important thing. I need more pictures! The entries are concise, thoughtful, and pithy. The overall design is good. The sidebar with random books from my library is great, and the slide show from Flickr, with the pictures of the sleeping owl and very nice. But... but... but I need more pictures, that's all there is to it. I shall endeavor to provide them. The main problem is the subjects of the pictures I take on a day to day basis are just that. Daily, humdrum. I must do better with this. Watch this blog for updates. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BBC Calls Clinton's NH Primary Win "Stunning Upset"

In what I can only call the overstatement of the year, the 5:30 am radio headline from BBC news today called Hillary Clinton's close victory over Barak Obama in the NH primary a "stunning upset." Come on, people! This is the primary. It's January. The vote was in NH, among party loyalists, voting only for candidates from their own party, to start the process of narrowing the race to only one name per party in preparation for the actual presidential election almost a year from now. Clinton and Obama were less than a couple of points apart. To call this a "stunning upset" is beyond hyperbole and sounds instead like the media are trying desperately to take themselves seriously.

Perhaps what actually happened is the collected world journalists-- hundreds of them, if not thousands-- looked around at all the other journalists and vans and cellphones and laptops and blackberries and cameras and microphones, and then looked at the action they have been tasked to cover, in rural conservative hayseed New Hampshire in the dead of winter, and realized only hyperbole could justify all the fuss. Some BBC journalists may have felt an emotional let down... some may feel an upset! A stunning upset!

Monday, January 07, 2008

A Really, Really Great Place on the Intarweb

I hate this kind of blog, but I'm going to write it nonetheless, for my loyal reader (you know who you are!). There's a website that nearly always makes me happy and feel very, very smart, and that's Library Thing. It's got everything going for it, especially a strong association with books-- your books, my books, everyone's books. There's a widget here on this blog (look down and to the right) that shows books from my library as they are cataloged at Library Thing. The idea is, they let you catalog all your books. Not CD's, not movies, not magazines. Basically it needs to have an ISBN number, and then you can enter it. You can enter 200 books for free, but any more than that and you have to pay. How much? How about $10.00 per year? Or even better, how about $25.00 for life?

It's not really a social site, though they let you set up a profile page, and you can leave people comments, and they can leave comments for you. You an look at other people's books, and they can look at your's. There are discussion forums, and lots of information, and everything is a link, and you can see how many people own the books you own, you can review books, and read the reviews of others, and get great recommendations based on what other people whose libraries are similar to yours are reading, and the people who run it have two great blogs, and basically you can spend as much time there as you could ever want, and find interesting stuff to read about and think about.

And I was thinking one of the things that makes it so great is the fact it's associated with books, one of the best things that people do. Read books, and write books, and buy books, and give books away, and read them to others, and think about them, and store them, and organize them, and study from them, and talk about them. A website about something as serious and good as books and libraries can't help being a good thing.

So, my dear reader, get thee hence to library thing and waste some fruitful time.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sometimes You Find Exactly What You Need, And Close By

I found this amazing solution to a problem in my shower this morning. Actually, I found it some time back, and have meant to blog about it for some time, but I forget it when I'm not showering, and it required scanning my bottle of shampoo, so it's not like I could just do it anytime. Nope, it required that I do the following:
  1. take a shower and remember to blog afterward
  2. use up enough shampoo so I don't mess up scanner
  3. dry off, dress, and still remember to blog
  4. dry off the shampoo bottle and scan it
  5. Blog about it.
Now I have done that, I really feel that 35% more fullness. It's amazing science has come so far to allow us to measure that kind of thing. Thank you, Pantene.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Snowy New Year

It's the new year, 2008, and I'm going back to work today. To start the day, there's a one hour delay in opening the office to allow people to deal with all the snow. Holy cow, there's been a lot, though with back-to-back parking bans, the streets seem to be pretty well taken care of. Portland only got an inch or two of snow yesterday, though there's reportedly a lot more inland and especially up north.

I'm finishing a two week vacation. I would love to not go back to work. Uggh. I am hopeful that this year is going to be much improved from last year. There's every reason to be optimistic. Wish me luck.