Sunday, February 04, 2001


OK, so today is Sunday, and for years it's been, for me, the worst day of the week. I don't know why that is. I think it's because it's the end of the weekend, and it never feels like I've accomplished enough over the weekend to let it come to an end. I watch movies, hang out with the children, take naps, clean, do dishes and laundry, talk on the phone, work and play on the computer and the internet, read books for pleasure and for business, go out sometimes at night, balance my checkbook, write, take a trip to the dump, organize my calendar... I do all that and it still feels like I've been procrastinating. There's a little bit of school-kid inside me, that wants the weekend to go on forever so I don't have to go back to school.

On Friday night some of us met in Brunswick at Bowdoin College to compete in the Poetry Slam there. They started up the slam, but after the first poet, I got up and read a poem, and they immediately stopped the competition part of the Slam and just proceeded as if it were an open reading. I think the host knew we were some Slam Thugs from out of town. I was disappointed the competition stopped (I really need some practice), but it made for an enjoyable night... I got to read four poems, and Ian and Dennis got to read three or four each. And we stayed for quite awhile after the reading ended, talking to people we'd just met. There was a delightful young woman named Jayssa (I hope that's the correct spelling) who was both a good poet and an interesting conversationalist.

We ended up driving up there (in three cars!!) and back in a snowstorm. In Maine, slammers have to be tough!

I wish it weren't Sunday... I want it to be Saturday forever. S. is coming over tonight. I haven't seen her in almost a month, and she just got back from a trip to Disney World with her kids. Collin is here somewhat unexpectedly (he got sick at school and his Mom went down to pick him up on Friday), and Elizabeth has a friend over. It's kind of a zoo... it's hard to sit around and feel sorry for myself under these conditions. I guess that's probably good.